Rules & Regulations of Madison

  1. Our visitors’ behaviour shall not expose third parties to any disturbances, impediments, inconveniences or hazards.
  2. The following activities shall be strictly prohibited on the premises of Madison Shopping Mall:
    1. consuming alcoholic beverages outside the premises of specifically authorised restaurants and catering facilities
    2. smoking tobacco and electronic cigarettes
    3. holding  assemblies or meetings and undertaking any canvassing activities
    4. offering products for sales
    5. playing musical instruments and organising performances without obtaining written approvals of the Management of the Shopping Mall
    6. distributing commercial and promotion materials, putting up posters, conducting surveys among the customers, taking photographs and filming without obtaining written approvals of the Management of the Shopping Mall
    7. riding bicycles or motorbikes, riding scooters, roller-skating, skateboarding, etc., as well as bringing in the aforementioned equipment to the shopping arcade
    8. sitting on the stairs, flower beds and other places which are not intended for such purposes
    9. soiling, polluting, destroying or misusing the equipment and devices being the property of the Shopping Mall, including toilets, washing facilities, sanitary facilities, etc.
  3. Dogs are permitted on the premises of Madison Shopping Mall provided that dogs are kept on a leash and muzzled. Small pets shall be carried in containers specifically adapted for such purposes. Dogs are permitted in specifically designated retail units only. The aforementioned dog owners and pet owners shall be responsible for the behaviour of their dogs / pets.
  4. Children up to the age of 7 may stay on the premises of Madison Shopping Mall only under the supervision of adults.
  5. Staying on the premises of the Shopping Mall upon being requested to leave the premises by the facility personnel or facility representatives may result in possible criminal liability.
  6. The rules concerning the use of the car park situated on the premises of Madison Shopping Mall are stipulated in the separate Rules & Regulations of the Car Park, which shall be available at the entrance to the car park.