Restaurants and cafes

Madison Shopping Mall has more than a dozen cafés and restaurants offering diverse cuisine – from classic, through Indian, Turkish or Thai. The mall appears to be a perfect place for having breakfast before work, planning lunch with friends or holding romantic dinner. You can drop by to have quick coffee or buy something sweet, also if you need something for special occasions.

The foodcourt called Madison Food Zone is situated on the second floor. The zone was primarily established to provide you with comfort. Our guests will find here perfect viewing areas located just beside the glass façade, large tables for up to eight persons and comfortable sofas. Convenient access to WiFi network and sockets is also provided so that you could easily use your electrical devices even while eating your meal.

Level 0

Costa Coffee

The coffee house serves the highest quality coffee, both for here and takeout. It is a perfect place to buy coffee on your way to work or home, as well as to enjoy an afternoon outing with your friends. Let us take you on a tour of coffee and tempt you to try one of the desserts.

Cukiernia Sowa

Cukiernia Sowa has a long-standing tradition recognized in various parts of Poland. Its cafés still remain cozy and intimate thanks to which it seems to be a suitable place to stop for an afternoon coffee with a slice of cake or a cookie and to treat yourself or your close friends or family to some surprise. The offer also includes a wide range of pies and cakes for special occasions.

Lodziarnia Grycan

This family-owned company combines tradition with modernity. Its menu comprises both traditional ice cream of classic flavors, as well as completely new flavors. You can also try out their yoghurt-based ice cream and sorbet prepared from domestic and exotic fruit.

Restauracja Masala

A wide choice of original Indian, Chinese and Thai cuisine encourages people to return here and try out completely new sensations and flavours on each single occasion. The restaurant boasts a real tandoor oven, in which the restaurant cooks and chefs prepare delicious chicken and various vegetarian dishes.

Cukiernia Pellowski

The Gdańsk-based pastry and bakery is a family-owned business, which has been operating for 88 years. Their products are based on traditional and well-proven recipes, simultaneously appealing to the guests’ requirements. You can drop by just to tuck into some sweet breakfast, but you can also order catering services or a cake for the forthcoming party.

Level I:

Dom Czekolady

It is a coffee house which is capable of taking their guests on a delicious chocolate trip. The chocolate motifs include cakes, ice cream, pralines and drinking chocolate, and each of the products available on offer is prepared in-house. You cannot pass by this coffee house indifferent.

Level 2:

Berlin Doner Kebap

The restaurant guarantees the quality and taste of real Turkish kebab with beef or chicken. The brand is famous for creating original sauces according to their own unique recipes. Each day, the cooks prepare fresh vegetables and the remaining ingredients. This place is suitable for the enthusiasts of Turkish cuisine, which is both tasty and affordable.

Like Thai

Are you in love with exotic, rich and fully surprising dishes of Asian cuisine? If so, Like Thai seems to be a place for you. The chefs prepare the meals on the spot, from the first knife-cut, and always basing on natural oriental ingredients. The menu offers soups, salads, rice-based dishes and noodle-based dishes.


This place offers tasty and diversified dishes originating from European cuisine with some elements of the global cuisine. You will not complain about any shortage of seasonal foods. The experienced chefs and cooks will prepare everything on the spot so that the visitors could compose a healthy and nutritious meal on their own.

Pizza Hut Express

Pizza Hut Express represents the highest standards of Pizza Hut brand, which have been adapted to small friendly restaurants. The concept was created as a response to the needs of the brand’s clients, and it makes the idea of fresh pizza served in 5 minutes come to life.  What is more, the guests can observe the preparation process from composing the pizza to the baking process. The menu of Pizza Hut Express features the most popular Pizza Hut flavors, such as: Margherita, Hawaiian, Pepperoni, Farmer’s, Prosciutto e Rucola.


The world-famous restaurant offers fresh sandwiches and salads prepared in front of the customers’ eyes. Not only may the sandwich compositions be selected from an extensive restaurant menu, but you are also welcome to introduce your own modifications.

One Lepia

Regional dumplings made on the spot.