For Him

For Him – Accessories

Small gifts can be as enjoyable as big ones. Ties and pocket squares are simple, yet proven ideas. It is enough to know the man’s favorite color or pattern and you can immediately pop in to visit Król, Elegant or Wólczanka stores. On top of that, those stores will assist you in choosing various accessories, such as belts and wallets, as well as elegant cufflinks. Yes and W.Kruk stores offer stylish men’s jewelry, whereas Time Trend provides a wide choice of watches. Moreover, well-suited and well-matched sunglasses should also be an interesting idea. They can be found in the clothing store like New Yorker. Visit Optyk Pryzmat store if you are keen on searching for designer sunglasses. Remember about backpacks and bags. Maybe the man you want to surprise has mentioned that before? Maybe some particular brand? Wittchen? Venezia? You can also find perfect leather products in the ECCO shop. Those stores offer unique and high-quality products, which will serve him for many years.

For Him - Fashion

If you are familiar with the man’s wardrobe essentials, a shirt seems to be a good choice. Classic check, floral or plain. Interesting casual patterns can be found at Big Star or New Yorker stores. A denim or leather jacket might be another good choice. Timeless and stylish. The  first one can be purchased at Nico or Big Star stores, whereas leather apparel and accessories are available at Wittchen store. Thinking about presents, you should visit Esotiq, Calzedonia and Intimissimi as brand underwear is synonymous with a unique and practical gift.